4 Units of HOUSING – 3 Units are new construction and 1 unit is an historical Victorian that has been completely renovated. These units are framed around a common court and linked to the street life as well as the newly reclaimed Daheny Parklands in the Bellis Circle neighborhood of Cambridge, MA.

The units were developed on spec as single family homes, although a creative condominium ownership agreement links the parcels. The new units are largely pre-fabricated. Their foundations, walls, floor and roof plates were assembled and shipped to the site. “Hardiplank” clads the exterior. That industrial approach was combined with hand-crafting as the stained wood plank inlays and the zinc metal-worked cornices add detail. Non-toxic paint & finishes were used throughout. All units have been rated Energy Star efficient. The park lends sunlight, fresh air and nature. This energetic, contemporary housing engages and reinterprets the ”New England” style of architectural tradition. It fosters a new dialogue with the Bellis Circle neighborhood and speaks for our contemporary life and times.

“American System-Built Homes” designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. One of Wright’s first attempts at creating affordable housing with style