A zinc clad silo is a reference to the barns that dot the New England landscape. A circular stairway winds up to a library and a home office on the 2nd floor - an inspiring space under a faceted skylight.

Energy Conscious Design:

The house has received  LEED certification. Photovoltaic panels & solar water heating panels on the roof supplement energy needs.  A white membrane roof reflects solar gain in the Summer.

Nature & Landscape: The site is located across the street from HABITAT, an Audubon wildlife sanctuary. The rear of the house overlooks wetlands.


KITCHEN: An ultra modern Moda Cucina kitchen w/ high gloss automotive lacquer orange kitchen cabinets, along with Thermador stove & range and a Sub Zero refrigerator.

Young Niece’s Room: 4 post carved bed,  beaded metal “Mary Tyler Moore” curtains at the door.

Mud Room at side entry

Roof Landscape: Skylights, Solar Hot Water Renewable Energy Heaters, Solar Photovoltaics Panels, “White Roof “ Solar Membrane - reflects sunlight.

Ship’s galley lighting & ship’s wheel, a play loft, and skylight looking up at the North Star creates a fun space for the young son’s bedroom..

Vivid hues splash the house in color.

Coat Hooks

Energy Star Rating 57

This house is mad cool.” The contractor’s young son.

“At first we thought we would hate the metal on the exterior...now we love it....the way it (the soft patina) complements the outdoors - color of the tree bark, the clouds & nature.”

The Client

Space flows up & down, inside & out in a very dynamic & playful way. Vibrant colors splash various rooms.

The client’s say the house is really “about the kids.

The skylight points to the North Star...

POLARIS....a fixed constant in the night sky.

The home chef says the kitchen

reminds her of a Corvette.

Zinc is a sustainable, recyclable material with a past. 80% of all zinc ever mined is still in existence. 40% of zinc used every year is recycled from old zinc. Zinc is found in over 60% of the rooftops in Paris.

The exterior of the building is wrapped in sustainably harvested western red cedar & zinc coated panels.